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Installing Gate

The installation of Gate is ultra easy! You only need to download the executable binary file, and you're ready to run the proxy! The configuration file config.yml is optional, see Configuration for more.

Latest release tag on GitHub:


Method 1 - Download the pre-built binary

You can download the latest pre-built binary for your operating system from the release page.

View Downloads

Available downloads by operating systems
OSBinary Name with Processor
Windowswindows_arm64, windows_amd64 or windows_386
MacOSdarwin_amd64 or darwin_arm64
Linuxlinux_arm64, linux_amd64 or linux_386
curl -Lo ./gate $DOWNLOAD
chmod +x ./gate
mv ./gate ~/.local/bin/gate
Note: If you do not have root access on the target system, you can still install gate to the ~/.local/bin directory:
chmod +x gate
mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
mv ./gate ~/.local/bin/gate
# and then append (or prepend) ~/.local/bin to $PATH

You can now open your terminal show Gate help by running:

$ gate -h

Method 2 - Install using Go

Since Gate is a Go module you can easily install the latest release. To run the following command ensure you have Go, and Git installed.

$ go install[email protected]

After this step you can run Gate easily from anywhere in your terminal:

$ gate -h

Method 3 - Run Gate directly from the Internet

Using Go you could even run Gate without the installation command. Internally Go downloads and caches the module, builds and caches it and finally runs it, all at once.

$ go run[email protected]

Thanks to local caching running this command a second time would start Gate even quicker.