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Server Compatibility

Gate is compatible with many Minecraft server implementations. The expectation is that if the server acts like vanilla, Gate will work, and we make special provisions for modded setups where we can.

Gate is compatible with Minecraft 1.7.2 through the latest version and we maintainers update Gate as soon as a new Minecraft version is released.


We highly recommend using Paper for running a server in most cases. Gate is tested with the most used versions of it.

You can use modern forwarding (like Velocity does) if you run Paper 1.13.2 or higher. If you use Paper 1.12.2 or lower, you must use legacy BungeeCord-style forwarding.


Spigot is not well-tested with Gate. However, it is based on vanilla and as it is the base for Paper, it is relatively well-supported.

Spigot does not support Gate's modern forwarding, but does support legacy BungeeCord forwarding.

Proxy-behind-proxy (Gate, BungeeCord/Waterfall, Velocity, ...)

These setups are only supported with Connect enabled. You are best advised to avoid other kinds of setups, as they can cause lots of issues. Most proxy-behind-proxy setups are either illogical in the first place or can be handled more gracefully by better, more scalable and performant solutions like Connect.