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Minekube Connect - Roadmap

We are just getting started and the Minekube developers have a big road map ahead of them. We are working on extending the platform that Connect Network runs on to be able to support more and more features. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Our major goal is to keep Minekube Connect a stable and reliable service that is always on, updated and free to use for everyone.


  • First target audience: "Friends that want to play together on their local servers"
  • Second target audience: "Get more players for server owners that list their servers on the Connect Browser"
    • it's a way more interactive in-game server list where players can surf and join servers instantly
  • Third target audience: "Developers use Minekube Connect APIs to integrate their servers"
    • Connect becomes a global Proxy-as-a-Service platform for developers to build on top of - never worry about BungeeCord/Velocity proxy maintenance again

Use case: Make your local Minecraft server public

Yes! As soon as your server is connected to the Connect Network players can join your Minecraft server even if it's running locally on your PC without configuring any port forwarding.

Use case: Build your own server network and get more players

The Connect Network will become a public place to browse through all the servers from ingame. That means players either directly join your server by your domain or discover your server in the Connect Browser Hub.

This feature is under active development!

Use case: Move players between your servers without managing an own proxy

No more need to deploy your own proxies since the Connect network already works like a global shared proxy where Minecraft servers and even other proxies can connect to.

As the server owner you can control all your connected servers and players. There will be public APIs available for you to manage your connected endpoints (servers or proxies) and players like sending players a message, moving them between your servers and so on.

This feature is under active development!

There are plenty of more use cases in our mind which are kept secret for now, stay tuned! :)