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Minekube Connect Demo

Minekube Connect Demo is a tiny demo environment for trying out Minekube Connect early while we are working on the actual Connect services.

The Demo environment allows you to connect any Minecraft server, whether online mode, public, behind your protected home network or anywhere else in the world, with our hosted demo implementation.

Getting Started

  1. Download the Connect Java plugin into your Minecraft server or proxy
  2. Configure and start your Minecraft server
    • Set enforce-secure-profile=false in
    • OR online-mode=false in
  3. Join your server publicly at <your server name>

Every server has a unique configurable endpoint name that directly reflects the domain your players can join with.

You can freely change the name in the created config.

endpoint: your-server-name

After restarting the server your players could join via

Discover and play on other servers

You can discover other Connect servers by joining



Please note that the demo environment is not meant for production use and players are disconnected on every new commit to this demo repository's main branch as it deploys new versions automatically.

Interested in the source code and deployment of the Demo environment? Checkout the public GitHub project!